On a day when not much was expected from the stable from an odds perspective, Candice Robinson was always quietly confident of her chances purely from the well being of the horses point of view, going into Sun Met week .
It’s never easy to win a single race on any Met day, but to come away with 3 winners, 2 Grade 1’s and 3 top dollar earners in the two CTS million races , it turned into a red letter day for the stable.

It was a gritty 2019, but no one works harder than Candice herself, we believe in her, and we have the very best back up in the industry with Mellisa Arnold as her right hand lady . Together these two woman make a brilliant team. We are very proud of all our grooms staff and most importantly we are very fortunate enough so have the most supportive and passionate owners who believed in us through our 50 years of training.

We are one lucky family indeed.

A special mention to Marsh Shirtliff, Braam Van Huyssteen, Phillip Bamford, Brian and Kathy Finch and the Rupert family on an amazing and memorable day and a huge congrats on their Grade 1 winners!
I would also like to pay a special tribute to Aldo Domeyer, who showed just how classy and what an amazing horseman he has become. His tactical and calm brilliance yesterday was lapped up by his fans and horse lovers alike, it’s been a privilege to watch him grow from apprentice at Bass Racing to a world stage Jockey who can hold his own with the best in the world.

What A Winter is a sensational sire! We have been shouting from the roof tops from the very start as to how special we think he is , we just can’t get enough of them and I have no doubt he is destined for greatness in the stallion ranks of South African history.
Lastly but certainly not least, to the legendary pilot of the Bass ship , Mike Bass who celebrated his 75th birthday today. The man who chose and trained What A Winter himself to 4 grade 1 – races , it was a real pleasure and a privilege to return the favour in training Russet Air whom he part owns to grade 1 glory.

You are legend dad !

Well done to Vaughan and his team on a spectacular Met win with the courageous and hearty One World, richly deserved and another stallion to keep an eye on the near future. If his progeny have a heart half the size of his, our stable will be full!

WHAT A great day !