Grooms living on-site

Candice Bass-Robinson was one of those first affected by the nationwide lockdown, as she had Fabian and Gold Medal due to run in the two Listed features originally scheduled for Fairview on Friday.

“Fortunately none of my horses left Cape Town” she said in a relieved manner.

Tabnews reports that life at her Milnerton yard is carrying on as normally as it can in the new reality of a national lockdown.

“I have a limited number of grooms living on site for the duration, so nobody will be moving in and out apart from myself and my assistant Melissa Arnold, who both have the necessary permits.The horses are still being worked, but obviously with fewer staff it takes longer, and routines have changed. But the supply of feed, farriers and vets are all listed as essential services, so their needs will be fully catered for.

“The horses will be fit enough to compete when racing does resume” is the positive note she ends on.