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Updates on Mike’s Recovery

Hi Everyone, just a short update…

Things did not go too great  today with Mikes operation, he has some complications with his leg and has to go in again on Monday and perhaps a few more times there after.

They have also left the trachea in and he is still stable but sedated.

It’s a big mountain to climb […]

Kenilworth Pre-Race Comments – Saturday, 29 August

Pre-race comments Saturday 29 August 2015
Event: Race 1, Maiden Plate (3 year old fillies)
Distance: 1200m
Pre-race Comments: It’s been a long time since her first run and she needs the turn, but should run a fair race.

Event: Race 1, Maiden Plate (3 year old fillies)
Distance: 1200m
Pre-race Comments: She has come on quite a bit now and […]

Mike wakes up from his coma!!

Hi guys we have skipped a day of updates but this morning certainly deserves one, as he appears to have really turned the corner in a good way.

He is awake (although unable to voice himself with the tracheotomy) but he is able to understand you as he is moving his lips and nodding to […]

Report on Mike’s condition


Mike is still doing ok, and perhaps a little brighter than yesterday but not all that much change to report. He is being kept on quite a high dosage of pain medication so it is going to be a while before he becomes aware, but overall the doctors are happy with him.

Mike is […]

Mike Bass – recovery update

Hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend.

The was no real change in Mikes condition from Saturday. He received dialysis again as he is still very swollen with water retention.
He seems to be semi-conscious albeit very intermittently, but as I said, no real forward progress to report as such.

Hopefully a bit more […]

Mike’s recovery continues to go well……Update 22 August

Hi guys Mike is doing very well today and doctor Kotze is very happy with his progress.

He is semi conscious and on dialysis at present as his kidneys have not yet kicked into action. He is still being aided by a ventilation system but they are weaning him off this by the hour and […]

MBR Weekend Runner Comments

Pre-race comments 2015

Spanish King
Event: Race 1, Maiden Plate (3 year olds)
Distance: 1000m
Pre-race Comments: First run back after gelding, he seems to have come on a bit, but we are not expecting anything over this trip.

Arabian Winter
Event: Race 3, Maiden Plate (F & M)
Distance: 1600m
Pre-race Comments: Her work is average but she is looking for […]

Good News on Mike’s recovery – update 20 August

Morning and some great news. Mike is doing very well all his vitals, x rays and blood readings are looking very good and the doctor has reduced his sedatives almost completely. He is just about breathing unaided at present and will no longer need the tracheotomy.

Dr Kotze informs us that he should even be […]

Update on Mike Bass – 19 August

Afternoon everyone , hope you are all well.

Mike is still stable but we had a minor setback this morning after they put him on a new type of sedative which he had a slight reaction to and which lowered his blood pressure levels. He has since bounced back to within normal ranges this afternoon […]

Mike Bass falls ill – Update

We are saddened to inform you that our beloved father, husband and trainer Mike Bass has taken very ill.

On Friday 14th of August while attending the Cape Racing awards, Mike became very sick with what we thought at the time to be a common stomach bug. He became progressively ill during the following days and […]

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